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I’m really excited because today is the official launch of my podcast, Spiritual Asshole.  The goal of the podcast is to get people more excited about all facets of spirituality and break it down in a fun and funny way. So far we have four episodes up, including our live show at Stand Up New York, an interview about the spirituality of music, the law of attraction and the founder of a very popular meditation app. I want to thank my producer Maggi Van Dorn, Francesca Faber who designed the flyer and the band Seryn for their song, and also future guest.

Here is the website:
And if you want to listen RIGHT NOW, a link to the APPLE Podcasts page.
If you get a second today, can you rate us and subscribe on that APPLE page, it means so much to an independent podcast that’s up and coming!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! We will have new episodes up every Wednesday including the band Seryn next week!